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Fire and the Rain - Scarab

Starting your diesel (or petrol) car in the morning is good for the earth?

I cannot remember how long-ago that climate change notion was invented, but it just does not seem to go away. Presuming it is real, and is man-made.

Fossil fuels, also referred to as hydrocarbons, are a big pariah, and petrol fired cars are quickly being replaced with coal fired electric automobiles, which makes a lot of sense to someone - like (re)Greta, perhaps. The world is on a mission to reduce emissions simple because its not good for us, and that need is urgent. We are told water is scarce, with day-zero approaching earlier and earlier every year. Cape Town sits on a time bomb every year, and every year more people semigrate to the southern most tip of Africa, in an effort to create a better life for their families. Hopefully, they will drive their gas guzzling V8, all wheel drive SUV down there.

We need to be saved from this evil !!

As most of us, those who paid attention at school, will know that when hydrogen burns in oxygen, it produces H²O, plus other stuff, like heat and carbon. So, by burning petrol, you will produce water - and you will have noticed your car's exhaust in the morning - right? (see what Mrs Wiki says here ). 

And for those of us who love pictures and cartoons, like I do  . . . . .

Water making - Scarab

My point here is we now have more water on earth, than ever before.  But where is it?  Probably in the atmosphere, as vapor.  Clouds & rain & mist - all these things that can, and do cool the planet down. Isn't Mother Nature just great!  Maybe the concept of sea levels rising has some added truth after all, and all those cranky scientists cannot all be wrong.

And water is . . . . . life.  But it must be clean.

Scarab Clean.


Scarab Package Treatment Plants. Treating your water is almost like renewing it.  It can  never gets wasted.

And you don't need to burn anything.


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